About Us

Founded in 2016, the SFU Esports Association is a student run club at Simon Fraser University. We are a unified organization that manages many gaming communities at Simon Fraser University in order to serve as a centralized hub for all videogame related services. Our goal is to help grow the casual and competitive gaming scene while maintaining a friendly social aspect to our events.

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Brandon Situ


Max Kacz


Derian Chow

VP External

Daniela Valdes

VP Design

Jennifer Seto

VP Events

Heewon Oh

VP Communications

Elisa Rivero

VP Finance

Lukas Wu

Competitive Manager

Clare Huang

Admin Assistant

Executive Committee

Devon Zhao – Senior Advisor

Kevin Gomez – Senior Advisor

Rui Yang Xu – Senior Advisor

Isabelle Joaquin – External Coordinator

Zohaib Jafri – Graphic Designer
Nathan Tanciangco – Graphic Designer
Jasper Precilla – Graphic Designer
Tai Anderson – Photographer
George Lin – Videographer
Daniel Kassel – Video Editor
Hanna Luu – Video Editor
Kenneth Juang – Video Editor

Ansuiya Singh – Event Coordinator
Paul Dudsdeemaytha – Event Coordinator
Bikramveer Gill – League of Legends Director
Joshua Burke – League of Legends Exec
William Lou – League of Legends Exec
Ryan Hopkins – Super Smash Bros. Director
Jameson Crawford – Super Smash Bros. Director
Keegan Mcginnis – Super Smash Bros. Director
Zack Ducey – Super Smash Bros. Exec
Marcel Allen – Super Smash Bros. Exec
Apurv Nerukar – Valorant Director
Lesse Hwang – Valorant Exec
Jordan Rawcliffe – Valorant Exec
Divyam Sharma – CS:GO Director
Brian Tai – Rainbow Six Siege Director
Talha Qadir – Overwatch Director
Chris Guo – Overwatch Exec
Herman Chan – Fighting Games Director
John Zheng – Fighting Games Exec